I love nature. I love all seasons of the year and, even though, in Canada we have winter most of the year ( or so it seems), I still really love its chillness in the air, smell of spring and warmer days, summer heat and water splashes, and of course autumn’s most beautiful change of colours. Paintings presented here are not only from Canada but also from other places in the world. I also include animals and birds here.

I hope you enjoy my “Nature” gallery as much as I enjoyed creating every piece. 🙂

From the photographs of Vlad Kovalevsky

This gallery is the travelling story of a Toronto photographer and my brother Vlad Kovalevsky. His love for travel and adventure lead him to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Vlad and I collaborated together on our first art show together in 2018 called “Reflections” where we featured our work from two artists’ perspectives: his photographs and my paintings of his photographs. It was an amazing experience for us both and we are looking forward to working together again in the future.